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ACNL Shampoodle Hair Color Guide

Shampoodle is one of the unlockable shops found on Main Street in New Leaf. This shop was additionally remembered for past games, for example, City Folk and Wild World. Be that as it may, this guide will be centered around the New Leaf perspective. In this guide, we will disclose the means of opening the entirety of the choices accessible at Shampoodle. Shampoodle opens at 10 AM and shuts down at 8 PM. Then again, the shop will be open from 7 AM-8 PM or 10 AM-11 PM in the event that you have the Early Bird or Night Owl statute ordered, separately. The quick administrations accessible through this shop in New Leaf are changing your character's hairstyle and cosmetics. However, you can likewise open an eye color evolving station. See below the ACNL Shampoodle Hair Color Guide.

ACNL Shampoodle Hair Color Guide:

There is a wide assortment of hairstyles and colors to look over at Shampoodle's. The hairstyle choices rely upon the set sexual orientation of the character you picked toward the beginning of the game. In any case, you will have 16 style choices at the absolute starting point. In the long run, you can open the contrary sex hairstyles too. This is clarified in a later segment of this guide. After not playing for 15 back to back days, your character will wake up with the redhead.

To free your character from this chaotic look, you can utilize the hairstyling administration. Like some other hairstyles accessible in the game, numerous caps, wigs, and Mii Masks can cover it up. In any case, this is definitely not a perpetual fix and the bedhead with a stay after evacuating the embellishment. What's more, this hairstyle is a possibility for male characters toward the beginning of the game, yet it is inaccessible to females.

The cosmetics alternative changes your character's face and hair to coordinate a particular Mii of decision. In the wake of modifying the presence of your character, in the event that you might want to utilize an alternate Mii, you would need to utilize the cosmetics administration once more. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you modify your Mii in the Mii Maker, your Mii Mask will change in-game without the need to pay the 3,000 ringer expense once more.


To wear or remove a Mii Mask, open the Designs Tab. You will see a hover on the base right of the touch screen. In the event that you are wearing the veil or not, the symbol indicated will either be the word 'Mii', or your Mii's face, individually. Tap this symbol to flip the Mii Mask.

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