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Animal Crossing Hairstyle Guide New Leaf

Animal Crossing hairstyle guide New Leaf is a significant piece of tweaking your Villager's picture. After the bother of having the option to change your appearance toward the beginning of the game, the chance to change your hair comes sooner than you might suspect.

All things considered, the three style sets accessible in the early-game Top 8 Pop Hairstyles, Top 8 Cool Hairstyles, and Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors aren't modest, so observing what you're purchasing early is reasonable - and is the place this page proves to be useful.

When you have chosen the island, you can change your character appearance before long - all you need is a Mirror.

The most punctual you can get a Mirror is by exploring the seashores around the island. After a short time (we discovered our own on the main day) you'll discover a Message in a Bottle.

Select The One You Want:


the remainder of this page includes the plans in full so you realize what you're purchasing - and it'll be added to the character customization screen whenever you take a gander at a Mirror.

Animal Crossing Hairstyle Guide New Leaf:

Getting the correct sort of hair in Animal Crossing: New Leaf may seem somewhat confounding, as there is no away from what hair you will get until afterward. With this Hair Guide, you can all the more likely observe the way toward picking the correct hairstyle and shading.

For the correct hairstyle, select the piece of the meter that lines up with what you are searching for, and answer Harriet's inquiries much the manner in which you responded to Rover's inquiries for your face. On the off chance that you'd like an irregular style, pull the slider to 'Formal', select 'Private Life', and 'doesn't make a difference'.

For hair shading picking a characteristic hair, shading will make them select one of nine focuses from a slider, and picking Intense or Bright hues will have you select from 4 dynamic hues. You can just have your hair done once every day and for the expense of 3,000 ringers. You can likewise decide to wear a Mii Mask from a Mii you have made on the 3DS. Note that you can't wear any caps, headgear, or adornments, for example, glasses while wearing a Mii Mask.

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